40 plus years inside life´s classroom of learning. 
30 plus years of eclectic learning. 
17 plus years of formal education. 
15 plus years of professional career. Society, friends, family, negative feedbacks, positive feedbacks, study knowledge, books, degree and daily resource of life accumulated, filtered, refined as “crux” and is being delivered to you in a form of a 

book. It can help you to grow, to transform, to change iota of it from where you are to somewhere up. 
I agree transforming somebody’s life is not a walk in the park. It is not a cakewalk. Like singing a rock song and making people around you, dancing and banging their head on response. Transformational rock show is different. It is to upside down to your toxicity of time you are having. It is going to turn your unproductive understanding (of life)  topsy-turvy . Somebody can be experiencing life as maze, for some (not-figured-out) haze.
Somebody can be going through confusion of life. 

If you can do it, you are a real rock star: replacement of bad habits by good, state of unproductivity to something, idle estate to mobility. These are the main transitional points of life. These are the main movement human life needs. 

So, my motto: act on yourself, in the first place, then act on others.

For now let’s talk about a small but with a big meaning carrying topic transformation. 
Transformation is not overnight. It is not easy, or not everybody everybody’s cup of tea. It happens layer by layer, block by block, one step at a time. 

And, it happens without even your knowing, if you follow these seven points, which I am going to discuss below.

1. Activity:
An hours walk a day. That means 300 plus hours a year, you walk.  If you are privileged with a nature you are lucky, even amid the chaos of concrete, your walk, physical activity is helpful.

2. Socializing: 
A person is a big book. So, drink coffee or tea with somebody you can learn from, get guided from. A person is a world for some reasons for learners. Good human a day means a lot. In a certain duration of time you become him/them provided he should be transferring you what he has, igniting a light in you with his. In current day society, there are some fitfully you find who are stingy enough to kindle your light by theirs fearing that their light becomes less bright because of yours. So, keep socializing selecting good people.

3.Information, knowledge and wisdom: 
Information source is book. Buying (to read!) a book a month means dozen a year. That is the minimal. You can read a book fortnightly. So keep reading a book. Keep being a friend of a book. 

4. Influence:
Community heroes are must. If you have a power to get influenced. Or, if you are flexible enough to get influenced you will transform. Love people, salute heroes, follow doers.

5. Self-learning: 
Coming out of comfort zone, taking risk, failing and falling, wound turning to good feeling scars, bouncing back, dealing with setbacks They all help you transform well.

6. Exposure:
exposure is must for transformation just like exposure to sun for vitamin D. Remember you from your childhood days to this date is because of your exposure to new person, new place, new thing, new mission, new activity. 

7. Analyzing yourself:
Analyzing and study of self is crucial. You analyze yourself time and again. You study yourself time and again. You are your true listener, you are naked yourselves audience, you know who you are. But you may not know, sometimes!, about where you going by not giving enough time to slice and dice inner you. So, do it. 

You will transform. Or, budge a bit up. For sure! 

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