Seven bullet points start keeping in mind from today:
1. Do not be loaded with too much of work and responsibilities. It means, do not be greedy: One thing at a time.
2. So that, you can focus on some important and interesting plus worth working projects. Deal with special projects and missions you deserve.
3. You are not supposed to leave some projects unfinished and incomplete. It means you will finish on time what you start.
4. By result, unnecessary interruptions from pending jobs may not come in front of you. It means you can avoid your headaches by yourself.
5. Learn listening to gather views. It means others’ views could be indispensable resources for your mission to materialize.
6. Do not try to be millionaire or billionaire or super successful alone. It means except some magic, one man big show is impossible. Learn to work with a team.
7. Utmost satisfaction is end of life. Big “NO” to smugness. 

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