Sometimes you feel like scribbling some of the issues that are attached to you and post on your blog. Yes, this time I am jotting down on a topic which is more of my own concern, my alma matter: BP Koirala institute of health sciences where I had precious five and half years of my life to get my dental school training.

Name of this school is after the name of the first democratically elected prime minster of Nepal, BP Koirala. This school is located in the foothill of eastern part of Nepal which is 500 plus KMs away from capital, Kathmandu. Sprawled in stupendous area with awe inspiring state of the art infrastructure and greenery, it is one of the best educational hubs in the eastern Nepal which caters health science related education to Nepali and some south Asian students. Health manpower it produces ranges from dental and medical doctors to nurses and other allied science experts and basic science specialists. It does not give formal teaching but under the personal attempt, someone can produce himself/herself as a sportsman, writer, musician, philanthropist, social activist and list goes on. I mean this kind of more milieus could be created there.

College observes its annual day on Ninth of September every year. And, various activities to consolidate the student by different means are organized inside the college. Main activities include sports, cultural program and other academia related interactions.

It’s always fun to cheer up the basket ball team or hoot the dancers / singers in a cultural programs, run a marathon race wearing a once-in-a-year-distributed sponsored-free T-shirts and attend oration and nitty-gritty in college’s auditorium hall. After moving out of the college, these things are missed and what we can do is meet like-minded past students in the place where you are located and have some memory reviving time.

To meet, in person, with all who are scattered round the globe is not possible. But, thanks to the internet and lately flattened world, we can communicate and interact virtually with anybody possible. So, in a section as follows I will be more focusing on BPKIHS alumni.

Hello BPKHISians,

We must agree that we all had our great days in BPKIHS and we recharged our life’s heavy-duty battery which is incessantly working now and will work without any minor glitches in the days to come.

Even if we happen to own the exotic Caribbean island, we will miss our hostel and amenities because that was our first impression and will long last. Even if we laze around posh eateries and flashy coffee shops in the best places in the world, we cant forget Ashirwad’s tea/Shamosa, Oreole’s momo and emergency canteen’s midnight teas. Even if we brandish our flashy i-Phone, Samsung or blackberry, we may not that easily forget those Kantipur telephone booth where we used to queue up to call home. We may stroll around the high streets around the world, we would never forget those Bhanu-chok to Chhata-chok walks. And, even if we may sit in a sophisticated sports bar ,with frigid beer at hand, waiting for a match to come, we would not forget our hostel’s TV and remote control grabbing moments.

Complaining the food of the mesh owners, banging the entry door of the hostel in the midnights, cold shoulder with the hostel caretakers, loving to say some hostel lingos like “Boka” and “Baal”  frequently, all are now in memory.  We all are now grown up professionals, eh?

Girls hostel across the fence— seeing some cool guys fall in love, being all ears to crush stories, on top of all intercom connections (no Facebook and mobile in full fledge then)– all alive, no? 

Ranging from saddest news of suicides and ill-fated accidents ( with loss of friends) to the happiest news of the seniors’ getting selected to the good schools, professional success used to be a emotional mixed bag of BPKIHS life.

Clean innards Dharan and local fashionistas, a quick trip to refreshing Bhedetaar and outing to Pakhribass, periphery postings, escapes, knowing the community at large, still have not faded away. 

Ahhh–those years that was. Now we are global professional. Our alumni is scattered all around the world as per global trend and benefitting the ever decreasing size of the globe by the day. Some of us can be a change maker of the health system of our part of the world, some of us can contribute by being at the helm of policy making. Many of us can contribute the community by our learned knowledge, skill and specialty. After all, we all are here to make the world a better to live by volunteering our ideas, crafts and concepts we garnered.

So it’s ninth of September, an excuse for all of us like minded to get all together and cheer up : Forget some bad moments and remember good ones. Lets find a time to rub our shoulder with each other over the chug of beer, clink of wine and toast of whiskies or any other best thing you love that lightens you.

Wherever you are, lets stand, remember those days and cherish it forever.

Long live our school, long live our BPKIHS community !!

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