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Some investments give immediate return and some give slow but throughout the life. Just like a swimming pool is for a season and a water tap is for life long and round the clock. So, do not always focus on the immediate returns or short- term return or seasonal returns from some of your investments in life which are actually for a lifetime. 

An unknown earthling pondering over future.

Just like return comes in different nature, investments are also in different forms and ways. The best investment 2030 is a collection of these, 

“Essentials of life”

1.Books you read

Books are regular mentors of your life. Range of mentors you can hire by just spending couple of hundred or a thousand rupees, that is the best and helpful books in life.  And, return is immense as world-class knowledge, concept and vibration are around you and incomparable.

2. People around you: two kinds People are there. 1. Part of you that is you, your family, your (trusted) people in need that help you to grow, meaningfully exist in this beautiful world as a grooming ground. 2. Other people from whom you only learn (in difficult time) from and try to (always) thrive above them. They are not your people, they are there to make you feel a difference even without them you bear the burden of difficult time. Second type of people is a beautiful background of your life and first one, the maker of you. So, stand along both the people to stand out create stark contrast. 

3. Places you reach: Places are also of two type: 1. Explore inner space of yours, a soul, never let it be no life’s land. 2. Reach out outer space, the geography to get culture, rituals of the places: national/international depending upon your reach, interest and affordability. The atlas or the globe has been a teacher, from the time immemorial, to help you learn, contribute and  evolve. So, chip in the investment of inner and outer places that let you flourish.

4. Food you eat. As saying goes, you are what you eat. Food determines your body’s flexibility, mind’s panorama and health. The best food habits will shape some of your disciplinary domains. Less Carb, minimal sugar and fibers a triangular input give you good health, more fluid keeps your cells more fulfilled. Make ready your body to fight the physical force of nature.

5. Society you live along.  Society possesses the yardstick of your growth.  Contributions you make,  role you play are two prime things of your life that regularly give you fuel for forward move. Invest in society that gives timely pleasure and satisfaction that is another fuel to grow.

6. Health Retain essentials, gain needed and maintain longevity.

Health of your vision: You have to see life very clearly, positively. Health of mental condition: with good vibration and generating the power of positivity. 

Lose your negativity just like burning fats, detach things that ruin your productivity /focus just like clearing junks from your android device, delete dilly-dallying app from your head as you clear your clutter to make your space neater and  better. 

So gain freshness, drop fats.

Add vibrancy, jettison toxicity. 

Your health determines how you blend, interact and fill with the mission you have set. Make your health a happening hub.

7.Knowledge: Knowledge in a person is illuminated by wisdom, proven by facts and fueled by strong beliefs.

So, all these things must act along. Somebody said, wisdom is global, knowledge is local. So, let wisdom be wider and your knowledge regularly nurture that.  

Knowledge determines the time and space you are at. That is your career curve determiner too. With the age and passage of time, knowledge grows but to outsmart the race it must outgrow competitors. 

8.Money: A life is incomplete without money. So, strictly invest in it too. 

To buy things, to buy happiness, to secure uncertain things in life. A chair/table, laptop, pen that is helping to materialize this writing only comes from money. Money is a vehicle that makes your life style journey possible. 

Money directly cannot involve being an agent of happiness but it surely redirects towards it. 

A blissful yoga sessions, life coaching, happiness conference, spiritual guru’s meeting, all need money as fee. So, it is a vehicle at least to take you to the area of happiness.   

To secure uncertain things in life, money helps. Some examples: One fine day, my mom became ill and she had to keep in hospital for almost 2 months. That needed money for me. I was busy with her health and taking care. She being healthy is a happy moment for me, but that needed money. Very next year,  my dad had to be taken for cardiac intervention. That too needed money. So, to give dad and mom a better and comfortable treatment that was otherwise my satisfaction, needed money.  So, earning and spending, keep on.  But, saving and passive yet regularly returning investment is must. Money also has to be your 2030 mission. 

9. Indispensables: Peace, patience, passion and progress. 

There are certain things which are abstract but plays role. Invest in peace, patience, passion, and progress hugely. Walking alone in the woods for an hour, meditating for 30 mins around the river side, loving the lovable, caring the needy,  spewing the painful experience in a journal, befriending  to selfless, weaving smile to the strangers. Peace is powerful. 

Patience is an art very few people can possess. And, that art gives you a pleasant result. Over patience and under patience both are harmful. Keep calculative patience. Two minute wait for boiling water, three months for dog’s gestation. 21 months for elephant. So, depending on results, invest in your patience practice.

Your work without passion is not a profession. Without passion, you can not give 100% and without 100% effort, result is compromised. Compromised result is a flunk.  Preserve your passion, cultivate it well and work. Passion when becomes profession, flourishes. 

And, progress is process that is unstoppable. As world is heading towards future, entropy is regular. That is some works there are regular: smaller or the bigger.  Just like your nail grows, hair elongates, skin peels off, oxygen enters and blood cells form, progress is in process. embrace that with positive attitude.  

So, when sperm enters ovum that progress leads to (majority of  scenario) a life. So, your work is like impregnating of ova, and progress is there and result is unstoppable. 

You regularly focus on these investment just like your daily groceries to make next decade a confluence of bliss and grace in proper time and space.

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