Have you ever realised that during the last minutes of your exam preparation how focused you become, how productive your short work becomes and even supersonic Jet flies over your head, you do not get distracted, right?


When your deadline of contract is nearing and you have not even started it or majority of the chunk is untouched, What will you do? You burn midnight oil or go to coffee shop , with the sips of coffee , you finish with the leftover short tenure of time. Coffee house buzz do not bother you. Titters and tatters of visiting tourist do not take your attention away, eh?


I have an office where I usually stay during morning and evening. It has two big windows, two doors. Usually I close one entry door so that people passing by do not catch sight of me but I oft-times open connecting door which opens via another room’s door to porch and towards neighborhood residence for that matter. People talk in the residential area: I hear their loud voices, they even quarrel sometimes I get them but I don not worry. This is what I am practicing to focus and making it just like coffee house buzz or titter tatter during last minutes of deadlines. After some sessions of practice every noise becomes coffee house buzz and work becomes productive.


Similarly, I open one window that has a direct view of street where people commute. Many a time I have pondered over chapter heading (and plots ) for my book in front of them. Some run, some rush, some laugh but their movement is helping me to learn how to focus and concentrate on my work amid seemingly disturbances.


People often call social sites are disturbing never like before by anything in the past. But, I find social networks my partner in mission-focused-work. I pick one good thing after glancing over any posts and events. Because more than crowd, more that people’s noise, only social media noise is going nag you horribly in future. If you practice not-descrying the “negative and disturbing issues of social media” by rendering it helpful for your work, then only your practice in focusing on work will be accomplished.


Result: when you are not working, you will be in free from work-tension , your work pressure will not be tailgating you and your friends will keep asking you “Hey, which time you work as you seem care free and always (kind of) in a vacation mode. “

Hope my, this short!, article did not  take your attention away from focused work . Wink! Wink !!




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