Leisure, vacation, Break, freedom!


Friday Philosophy


What is the best way of celebrating weekends?
– Beer/wine/Juice with music at happening pub/club.
– fine dining with loved one at tongue teasing food making place.
– grabbing a food, book and setting out for outskirts.
-Camping, BBQing, drinking and dancing.
-having dating  away from eavesdroppers.
-sleeping and waking up to enjoy hiking.
– staying as usual home to save hard earned money for future investments.

Everyone has their own unique view and choice to refuel themselves. And, that has no any other replacement.


A week comes and ends
Sadness and mirthfulness both it brings
If you are sad
Don’t feel bad
No one can relish always heyday
But, learn how to throw sorrows at bay.
Start thinking  way way way far
Then you can enjoy this sukra-BAR.

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