4 multiplied by 8 = 32. You find it simple, right?

But, 48 multiplied by 48 equals = a bigger number. So, you think it is complex.  How? In terms of digits it appears as.

What is the difference between climbing small hills and taller hills?

Time it takes to accomplish, regular practice it needs to make you stronger and determination as a prerequisite. Walking uphill is similar: shorter or longer, gentler or steeper. Energy for hundred steps on steep hill may equal to four hundred steps of gentler. Just duration, right?

So, when determination is there nothing is simple or complex. It is all about duration. It just like 48 multiple 48 is just larger looking result of “Additions after multiples of 4s and 8s”.  It is all about thought process. What you think only makes it simple or complex. So, think simple for anything but be determined !

Learnt to slice and dice, analyze and bring result.

You will make everything simple, eh?




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