Wow, women!


Hurricane halts

Flood freezes

Landslide lingers

When there is a pretty girl on the way.

Sky bows at the horizon to respect.

Ocean jumps to salute.

When there is mom in front.

There are many categories of ladies or females or broadly say women. But, above mentioned two are are beginner. There are other categories of women who also influence me the world: there is a sister equally important, daughter equally lovely, wife equally letting you grow. They too have immense value. And, there are some other charismatic ladies in the record who have been a part of historical events. So, eye catching tinsel town belle Marilyn Monroe  to Fiction lady Anna Karenina, Iron lady Thatcher to philanthropist mother Teresa, social Diana to Monica Lewinsky all are women who have awed and taken the breath of the world.

No matter how they are portrayed in lyrics in a different way or possessed by a movie as a red herring or paid to pose for bar’s attraction, they are, after all :

Care’s center

Love’s headquarters

Energy’s powerhouse

Quintessence of sacrifice

Every family is incomplete without Women. A woman brings down a man to his disciplined state, calms him down by her smile, changes him incarcerating inside her heart .  And, man becomes unruly for women or in the absence of her.

Bottom line,

When there is no woman–life is always dry

So, No, women-nuh cry ! — You just smile !!! (Things would fall in their proper places)

Simply put,  woman is everything!

(This article was written on women’s day.)

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