Locally known Nepali journalist ,Narayan Wagle, used to write a coffee guff for the newspaper he worked and later became a best selling author of “Palpasa café”.

Malcolm Gladwell while writing for the Washington post did one research on one article and finally came up with a book called Tipping point which became instant hit.

Salman Rushdie quits his script writing job with an advertisement agency and writes a book to come up with midnight’s children(second in a series) and wins Men’s Booker prize.

JK Rowling, Nicolas Sparks, Dan Brown and more have similar kind of motivating stories. Why can’t you start telling stories you have- fictional, non-fictional, research based or more !


If you can tweet your own original lines, write awesome statements on Facebook then why cant you elongate it, do some research on the issue and write a story-add more story- make a draft of it- Find an editor-Talk to your publisher-Get rejected! Keep writing!!-Get rejected! Keep writing!!- Be a published author finally-be the best selling one, if things become good. Go for some talks on your book-Find more ideas- Write more books ! Amazing, eh?


In your old age- you write, move around, share ideas with large mass and give speeches. Wouldn’t your life become fantastic in that retiring age? Obviously it is easier said than done. But, possibilities are there if your start a journey right away.


Of course there come some tough times, dedications, perseverance and investments of your precious time which otherwise you can use to exchange with jobbing engagements. Besides being able to tell a story which is the first and foremost, You need to have a command over language especially flair of writing which keeps you at a vantage point.


Everyone has a nice story to tell. If you tell it vividly, you are a writer- And, the best case scenario- a best selling one. Worst come worst- your book would stay flopped-Still, your experience remain alive even after you die. Some will read. Some will recommend and some will remember. Be a writer!


Everything doesn’t get matured immediately. Initially you need to crawl, then toddle, then stagger, then walk, finally run/dash and then only you can continue as a marathoner. In writing too it may take time. Your maturity would come fast when you start fast.

Today itself, jot some words down. You don’t need to be tough like Shakespeare or Hemingway or Orwell. Just try to be a simple you. Simple you can be sold better, be the best.

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